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Dr. Abdulwahab Al-ansi    



Yemen is currently facing a serious problem in fresh water availability. The ground water is the main source of water for human consumption & agriculture activities. The increase in population growth & internal immigration to the large cities result in high water demand with rapidly increase in ground water extraction due to the limitation of water resources and lacking in rainwater, as well as the decrease in ground water recharge. In order to overcome such problem, we should work side by side with the concerned authorities through increasing the community awareness on the water & environment sector problems. In addition, studies & research have to be made in order to find solutions toward water & environment conservation in Yemen.


Since the University of Science & Technology is considered one of the community institutions, it realizes the large responsibility toward this serious issue underlying lives of more than 25 million of Yemeni people. Therefore, we in WETC look deeply into the current problems and their longtime effects & having our plans to study such problems in order to serve our people & preserve the humanity survival.

Thus, WETC aims to preserve humanity as a priority & use the best facilities & modern scientific plans to offer high quality of services.