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The idea behind WETC establishment was based on four main axes:

 Axis (1)

Country needs education & research on water & environment problems, considering this as a critical need of survival and a way for development and prosperity, as well as a support for the national economy throughout the best alternative solutions to solve or mitigate the influence of such problems and avoid the disaster of water depletion which is inevitably a humanitarian disaster.

Axis (2):

Water & environment researchers, specialists, and postgraduate candidates need to provide the necessary data, engineering programs, and labs in order to conduct their research and perform lab work in addition to academic supervision, evaluation, and publication of their work projects.

 Axis (3):

Water & environment engineers in ministries, authorities and other relevant sectors need to expand their scientific and technological knowledge via training, short courses, seminars,……etc.

Axis (4):

The ministries, institutions, authorities, and local and international funds need qualified and specialized consultants & academicians to implement their work projects, consultations, evaluation, studies, and design in terms of water and environment by using modern engineering techniques and integrated labs.