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Research & Consultations Studies


 1-  Research and consultation studies:
-  To provide consultations and field studies services in the field of water and environment.
-  To provide integrated consulting services ( survey, studies and designs) for the water and
   sanitation projects and irrigation projects, as well as other water establishments such as
   (dams, irrigation canals,… etc.) in accordance with the modern engineering fundamentals.
-  To conduct geophysical borings for soil layers and samples analysis for several purposes.
-  To implement field surveys and economic feasibility studies to determine the needs of
    infrastructure projects.
-  To conduct studies to evaluate the projects previously implemented and rehabilitate and
    expand these projects including projects of infrastructure and several water projects.
-  To implement various environmental studies, including an environmental impact
    assessment study for various projects.
-  To provide lab tests for water, wastewater and soil.
-  To prepare feasibility studies for water, sanitation and environmental projects.
-  To prepare studies and tests for water and sanitation projects to evaluate and compare its
    outputs characteristics with standers.
-  To prepare studies and tests for (Environmental Performance Assessment, EPA) for solid
    waste projects, hospitals, factories,…..etc to evaluate and compare with standers.
-  To provide consultations in the field of preparation of development plans (country plan).
-  To establish partnerships with local, regional, and international quality consulting &
    researching expertise.