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1. To contribute effectively in raising the community awareness of water and environment related problems in Yemen and the causes and possible solutions / mitigation of their effects via WETC updated website that provides the related news and activates. 
2. To contribute to the community service through providing free training courses, seminars, workshops, conferences  and implement studies and research projects which serve the community in collaboration with local and global concern organizations.
3. To provide free info. Services for researchers, students, post graduate candidate through constantly updated database in interactive e-page. The database will accomplished by collecting, computerizing and archiving of field data, satellite images and the outputs of  researches, studies, conferences, seminars, workshop  and any other activities related to water, environment and soil fields as part of community service in collaboration with local and global concern organizations
4. To aid researchers and graduate students in their research through scientific and research consultations, lab tests, evaluation and publication.
5. To utilize final year projects, graduate programs and the outputs of scientific research for sustainable development.
6. To improve and develop the technical, technological, and administrative skills of engineers and workers in the field of water and environment via the use of modern technology in the implementation of short or long training courses and specialist programs according to the needs.
7. Work side by side with the local and global authorities in the field of water and environment studies and research and make suggestions for scientific and practical solutions for related problems so as to sustain and rationalize the consumption of these resources
8. To provide data and consulting services for local and global organization through constantly updated interactive e-page.
9. To provide a complete services of lab tests, studies, consultations in the fields of water, environment and soil.