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Sunday, 01 February 2015 08:46

Strategic Planning and Development

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In strategizing the change for the University, USTY used the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) approach. Beginning with identifying the four strategic goals as per the four dimensions of the BSC, many sub-goals have been branched off from the four strategic goals. Each sub-goal is achieved through implementation of projects to achieve the goal directly. Indicators were developed to measure the achievement of the sub-goals. The follow-up and assessment mechanism is regularly and continuously implemented according to the BSC instruments prepared previously for this purpose. Through a system of monthly and quarterly reporting from all departments and branches of the University, we developed criteria for measuring the implementation and success of the projects on time. Any shortfalls are rectified through corrective action plans.



To be the reference of the strategy and development projects at the university. 




To design strategies and prepare plans, programs and projects to support the competitive capabilities of the university and enable it to achieve its vision, mission and objectives. This is achieved by highly qualified experts and global outlook related to  the educational and research process and community service.


  1. Ensure the strategic planning and development at the highest levels including ( policies, programs, future projects of the university)
  2. Support the development and evaluation process in a regular manner inside and outside  the university.
  3. Nurture the culture of strategic planning as a continuous   process of academic and admin performance in the university.
  4. Optimal representation of the strategic plans.
  5. Support the faculties, departments and managements of the university in the preparation of strategic plans.


Services and Activities:
  1. Help and provide consulting services for scholars ( bachelor – master – Ph.D).
  2. Implement training course on the planning by using Balanced Scorecard
  3. Design Balanced Scorecard
  4. Implement Balanced Scorecard system.
  5. Prepare and implement training course on the balanced scorecard for all departments in the university.
  6. Design monthly reporting forms on the performance of all the departments of the university.
  7. Design evaluation forms for infrastructure of the university.
  8. discuss the first quarterly reports with all departments of the university.
  9. Many other services and activities.

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