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Wednesday, 04 February 2015 13:57

Media Training,Production,and Consulting Center

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Media Center of Production, Training, and Consultations

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To become the leading Media Center regionally and distinctive internationally


The center strives to provide distinctive services in the field of training, media production, and consultations, through specialized efficient staff and using the trendiest methods and techniques with a professional approach and high quality.


  • 1.To provide distinctive training media services for individuals and organizations.
  • 2.To produce various TV programs.
  • 3.To provide consultations in various areas of media profession.
  • 4.To implement conferences, symposiums, and seminars on various issues of media and communications.
  • 5.To highlight the scientific and creative potentials and successes of the university.


Scope of Work


The center strives to provide the following:

  • TV production for various movies, reportages, and various programs, as well as media coverage.
  • Training courses in various fields of media profession and specialized diplomas in the areas of media (TV skills, broadcasting skills, press skills, and to build rapport skills).
  • Media consultations for different institutions.
  • Training courses in TV camera skills, professional production skills, TV presentation, producing intensive debate programs, TV technology, and in the post-production operations


  • Studio with large dimensions (12m x 12m).
  • Integral lighting
  • Professional cameras
  • Graphics unit
  • Production unit
  • Audio/Video unit
  • Specialized efficient staff

Location features of the center

  • It is located on the peak center of the capital city Sana’a in 60th St.
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