Academic Department of Gynecology and obstetrics department

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Bachelor of medicine and surgery program 


1- Department of Community   read more
2-Department of Gynecology and obstetrics department read more
3-Department of Pediatric  read more
4-Department of Surgery   read more
5-Department of Internal medicine   read more
6-Department of Basic Medical Sciences   read more


Health sciences department

1.Bachelor of diagnostic radiography and clinical imaging program    read more

2.Bachelor of clinical nutritional and dietetics program   read more

3.Bachelor of medical laboratories program   read more





Degree Program

Transfer Credit/ Advanced Standing




Medicine and Surgery

(6 years +1 internship)



Integrated system-based approach

and blocks

Medical laboratories

(4 years)




Semester –based system

Community Health

(4 years)

Therapeutic nutrition and diets

(4 years)



Techniques of Diagnostic Radiology

(4 years+1 year internship)