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1. Master's degree from a recognized university with the grade of " Very Good" or equivalent.
2. Bachelor's degree with the grade of " Good" or equivalent.
3. Pass the aptitude test designed by the academic department in the faculty. 
4. Pass the personal interview for the programs required. 
5. TOEFL or equivalent in English language degree as (graduation requirement).
6. Study and pass the elective courses (if any).
7. Pass Arabic language test ( for non-native speakers).
8. Match any other requirements determined by the deanship or academic department, provided they do not conflict with the rules and regulations of the postgraduate deanship. 
9. Applicants should not be dismissed from any other university for disciplinary reasons or misconduct. 
10. Applicants must meet the financial obligations.
11. Applicants must be not registered in another graduate program in any university.


The duration of PhD program is 24 – 32 months, divided between 6-8 semesters. One maximum semester may be considered by the approval of council of postgraduate studies and based on the recommendation of the postgraduate committee that the student is nearing completion of his dissertation.


The course structure of PhD program consists of minimum 24 credit hours as it follows:
a) Study elective courses ( 21 – 24) credit hours.
b) Study optional courses (6-9) credit hours.
c) Dissertation which is equivalent to (12) credit hours. 
d) The university adopts the credit hours system in the postgraduate studies(PhD), and the course load per semester is 9-15 credit hours.
e) Students must pass the courses and the comprehensive examination with the grade not less than "Good" (%75) so that he can register PhD dissertation.


1. fill in the UST-PhD application form.
2. One certified true copy of master certificate approved by the ministry of higher education.
3. One certified true copy of master's transcript approved by the ministry of higher education.
4. One certified true copy of the equation of master's or bachelor's certificate by higher education if issued outside Yemen.
5. One certified true copy of bachelor's transcript approved by the ministry of higher education.
6. One certified true copy of high secondary school certificate or equivalent.
7. Copy of ID or family ID or passport for Yemeni students, or a graduate degree in English in case there is no passport.
8. Copy of the first eight pages of the passport(for non-Yemeni students).
9. Copy of TOEFL (if any).
10. Personal Photos (4x6) with white background.