Academic Staff

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Academic Staff For faculity of computing and information tectology


Assistant Prof. Dr. Abdulqader Mohsen                       Dean of Faculity


Computer Science Dep

Assistant Prof. Dr. Belal Abdullah Al-Fuhaidi      Head of Department

AŁssistant Prof. Dr. Ammar Thabit Zahary

Assistant Prof. Dr. Asma Alshargabi

Mr. Nabeel Ahmed Almekhlafi

Mr. Walid Shaher M. Yousef

Mrs. Naseebah Maqtary

Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Aqlan

Mr. Walid Abdulwahab Aljobi

Mrs. Wedad Abdulraqeeb Al-Sorori

Mr. Hasan Abdulraqib Asaad

Mr. Mohammed Fadl Alhakeem

Mr. Abdulhameed Roiss Mohsen



Information Technology Dep

 Assistant Prof. Dr. Abdullah Hussein Al-Hashidi   Head of Department

Assistant Prof. Dr. Abdullatif Saleh Ghallab

Assistant Prof. Dr. Fahd Naser Al-Wesabi

Mr. Mohammed Shamsuddin

Mrs. Bridget Shakesy

Mr. Yousef Abdulelah Qasem

Mrs. Ghadah Mohammed Adel

Mrs. Hanan Abdullah Al-Thafari

Mr. Fares Mohammed Askander


Information Systems Dep

Assistant Prof. Dr. Sadik Ali Al-Tawil                Head of Department

Mr. Mohammed Nasser Al-Dowail

Mr. Abdulrahman Qasem Al-Molegi

Mrs. Amira Taha Aladimi

Mr. Ahmed Fuad Al-Aghbari

Mr. Mohammed Ali Alsawti