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Tuesday, 08 December 2015 10:09

Honoring the Winners of Sheikh Babakr Award for Innovations of 2014

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Under the patronage of Dr. Adel Mohammed Ba-Hameed, governor of Hadramout province, and financing of Silah Foundation for Development,  the University of Science and Technology, Yemen (USTY)  organized a major ceremony of honoring the winners of Sheikh Babakr Award for Innovations of 2014. For his part, the Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the Award, Dr. Abdulraqeep Assad delivered a speech via skype in which he welcomed all the present and congratulated the winners of the award for their outstanding innovations of 2014, noting that idea of this Award was created in 2014 to raise the spirit of scientific competition in the applied sciences and the development of innovative abilities and help to identifying distinctive competencies of Yemeni talented and genius inventors and innovators.


It is worth mentioning that five inventors were honored, including two students from the faculty of engineering at the university of science and technology. The first inventor Salim Faraj Bamasoud has won the first position who invented "tin oxide membrane with palladium oxide hyperfine as smart sensor of hydrogen gas in a warm room". This invention was in the field of technical sciences. USTY engineering student Hussan Yousif Al-Hitari won the second position for his outstanding invention "Device for the Quality of Intensive Care Ventilator Devices" in the engineering sciences and under the supervison of Dr. Noman Al-Najjar, and the third inventor Mahmoud Ali Bahomaish won the double second position for his outstanding invention  Ibn Sina Medical laboratory dye Device" in the field of medical and health sciences. The third inventor was Majdi Saleh bin Shiekh Ali who won the third position for his invention " device for cleaning sewage rooms easily and quickly". The inventor Abdullah Qasim and his partners won the double third position who invented a smart chair with a voice tag and charging smart phones" in the field of Engineering Sciences. It is worth mentioning that 1500000 Yemeni Riyals is the award for the first position and 100000  Yemeni Riyals for the second position (divided equally between two inventors of the second position)  and 700000 Yemeni Riyals for the third position ( divided equally between two inventors of the third position).

الفائزين بجايزة بابكر

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