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The UST-TDRC contribued to the following publications:

  Publication type:                 Original article

  Publication year:                 2015

◊  Contributing author:          Mohammed AK Mahdy

◊  Journal:                     506043

  Article URL:                Survey of chloroquine-resistant mutations in the Plasmodium falciparum pfcrt and pfmdr-1 genes in Hadhramout, Yemen



  Publication type:            Original article 


  Publication year:                 2015

◊  Contributing author:      Mohammed AK Mahdy

◊  Journal:                       logo copy copy

  Article URL:              Population expansion and gene flow in Giardia duodenalis as revealed by triphosphate isomerase gene

         Publication type:           Opinion article 


  Publication year:                 2015

       ◊  Contributing authors:   Rashad Abdul-Ghani & Mohammed AK Mahdy

◊  Journal:                       logo copy copy copy

  Article URL:              Inclusion of gametocyte parameters in anti-malarial drug efficacy studies: filling a neglected gap needed for malaria elimination


◊   Publication type:                Original article

  Publication year:                 2015

◊  Contributing author:            Rashad Abdul-Ghani


◊  Journal:                     506043


  Article URL:  Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection among patients with non-schizophrenic neurodevelopmental disorders in Alexandria, Egypt


               ◊ Publication type:          Original article

  Publication year:                 2015

       ◊  Contributing author:   Mohammed AK Mahdy

◊  Journal:                       logo copy copy copy

  Article URL:   Frquencies distribution of dihydrofolate reductase and dihydropteroate synthetase mutant alleles associated with sulfadoxine–pyrimethamine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum population from Hadhramout governorate, Yemen



          Publication type:                     Editorial

  Publication year:                     2016

◊  Contributing author:               Rashad Abdul-Ghani

◊  Journal:                                 Yemeni Journal for Medical Sciences

  Article URL:               Malaria research priorities in Yemen: paving the way for malaria elimination


               ◊ Publication type:          Original article 

  Publication year:                 2016

       ◊  Contributing authors:   Mohammed AK Mahdy & Rashad Abdul-Ghani


◊  Journal:                       logo copy copy copy


  Article URL:   Field evaluation of a PfHRP-2/pLDH rapid diagnostic test and light microscopy for diagnosis and screening of falciparum malaria during the peak seasonal transmission in an endemic area in Yemen


 ◊ Publication type:          Original article

  Publication year:                 2016  

       ◊  Contributing author:   Mohammed AK Mahdy & Rashad Abdul-Ghani

◊  Journal:                 pone 120x30      

  Article URL:   First molecular characterization of Leishmania species causing visceral leishmaniasis among children in Yemen



The UST-TDRC has obtained grants for the following projects:

Project title                                           Evaluation of Two Copromicroscopic Techniques for Detection of Schistosoma mansoni-Infected Patients in an Area of Low Endemicity in Yemen                                                                      
Principal investigator Dr. Rashad Abdul-Ghani
Funding agency EMRO/TDR, World Health Organization
Grant ID SGS13/11 



Project title Prevalence of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency and Evaluation of a Rapid Diagnostic Test for Its Detection in Malaria-Endemic Areas in Hodeidah, Yemen
Principal investigator Dr. Mohammed AK Mahdy
Funding agency EMRO/TDR, World Health Organization
Grant ID
Project title Predictors of Low Use of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets among Communities within Malaria-Endemic Areas in Yemen
Principal investigator Dr. Samira Al-Eryani
Funding agency EMRO/TDR, World Health Organization
Grant ID






To be a leading and pioneering reference biomedical research center in the region to combat tropical diseases of poverty

Our mission is to promote health by combating diseases of poverty through boosting sustainable multi-disciplinary research on tropical infectious diseases. The center aims at achieving the following goals:

1- To contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of tropical infectious diseases

2- To explore and test innovative interventions and approaches to control major tropical health problems in the country

3- To develop and test innovative diagnostics and therapeutics for diagnosis and treatment of tropical infectious diseases

4- To train researchers from all over the country and to facilitate research implementation with the aid of a highly motivated, professional research team

5- To make synergistic collaborations with national, regional and global funding bodies with regard to training and research 

The University of Science and Technology-Tropical Disease Research Center (UST-TDRC) was established by the UST, Sana’a as the first, specialized center in Yemen that focuses on training, research and community outreach services with respect to tropical diseases.