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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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CIFB – Organization Chart

        CIFB – Organization Chart


B O A R D     O F A D VI S O R S

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About the center

Center for Islamic Finance and Banking (CIFB), at USTY will teach, provide training, and do research and disseminate the result of that research on Islamic financial muamalat. Specifically, the CIFB shall do the following:

    1. Conduct courses in Islamic muamalat, finance and banking, which lead to the award of certificate and diplomas.
    2. CIFB shall work with Islamic institutions local and abroad, to provide education in Islamic Finance at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 
    3. Conduct research in Islamic finance, especially in focusing on its application in Yemen and the region.
    4. Publish the result of such research and studies in the form of working papers and journals.
    5. Hold occasional talks from industry experts and academic researchers on special topics relating to Islamic Finance.  
    6. Hold seminars to enable researchers share and disseminate of the results of their research with the discerning public. The seminars shall be held regularly, and proceedings of such seminars shall be published.
    7. Build and maintain a database of Islamic Finance and banking  in Yemen and other countries.

Build and maintain collection of published and unpublished material on Islamic Finance and Banking so that the CIFB will be a source of reference for students and researchers in Islamic Finance and Banking.  

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