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About Us

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 February 2015 19:22

Faculty of Open Education

For those who are not able to attend their studies full time, USTY offers distance learning as an alternative through the Faculty of Open Education. This opportunity has been available for more than 20 years and has contributed greatly to the expansion of knowledge and the development of human resources not only in Yemen, but beyond Yemen. As evident from perusing the centers we have overseas and within Yemen, USTY has contributed much to producing graduates who are now holding responsible positions in government and industry, in Yemen and other parts of the world.

Today, the faculty is a vibrant community with twenty one programs.  It is one of the best providers of open education in the region. The faculty has been recently awarded " Innovation and Excellence Award " in open and distance learning from the Arab Network for Open and Distance Education in Amman, Jordan, 2011. The faculty is also a member of International Council for Open and Distance Learning (ICDE). It has 14 learning coordination spots in 10 countries worldwide. 


Regional leadership and international excellence in the field of open education.


The Faculty of Open Education strives to offer excellent educational service to a wide range of students who are not able to enroll in the traditional education and prepare them to excellent careers in the labor market. This is achieved through highly qualified academic and admin staff and adopt the latest educational technologies and in accordance with the international standards of open education while adhering to profession ethics and total quality standards.


  1. Provide undergraduate studies for students who are not able to join traditional education.
  2. Provide conducive open learning environment and facilities.
  3. Prepare and qualify workforces to excellent careers of open education.
  4. Contribute to the community service and labor market by providing qualified graduates.
  5. Expand partnership and collaboration with open universities worldwide.