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Dean's Message

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 December 2015 18:07

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Dear students,

On behalf of the CIT staff, it is my great pleasure to extend my warm welcome to all visitors of CIT website which I hope they may know more about the CIT, with all its various departments, programs, and activities. Although CIT was recently established, it was by Allah’s grace that the faculty managed to adopt academic programs which are linked directly to the labor market and to the country's needs for specialized cadres in the field of computer and information technology. In fact, this website is a window to everyone to facilitate access to us and find out what everyone wishes to know about our faculty. Our faculty’s website is in continuous development to meet all the needs of visitors and learners.

 CIT provides modern and various degree programs in the field of computer and information technology to award bachelor degrees , which gives the opportunity for the application of computing across many disciplines, including computer science, and computer networks, software engineering , information technology, and information systems, in addition to a distinctive program in vocational studies and Diploma in Information Technology. The Faculty of CIT works on preparing computer labs and classrooms with art of the state techniques and activates education strategies and focus on the development of sophisticated curricula and competent academic staff.  It also is making great efforts to raise awareness and improve the quality of education for students and stimulate scientific research and scientific activities that involves the teaching staff and students. The faculty also is keen to achieve standards of quality and accreditation with great accuracy. The programs of the faculty were designed and developed according to a scientific methodology that meets the needs of labor market in accordance with the certified standards of ABET. Today, the faculty prepares for the rest of the certification requirements in accordance with the pre-prepared plan for this purpose. Although CIT faculty was newly established, it is deemed one of the leading faculties in providing and teaching computer science programs and information technology in the country. The faculty provides the opportunities of study in small groups under the supervision of highly qualified faculty members in various fields of Computer Science and Information Technology.

I hope that CIT faculty to be the bridge that links our students with the greater needs of the society. To that end, the CIT faculty puts all its scientific, administrative, and financial potentials at the service of its students. At last but not the least, I would like to say whatever your interests in the field of technology, you will find in our faculty with highly qualified teaching staff, sophisticated curricula, and conducive learning environment. We keep in line with the future as future is the technology.

I wish to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed to the construction and development of this educational platform.

Dr. Abdulqader Al-Abbadi


Faculty of Computing and Information Technology