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Computer science

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 January 2016 10:17

About Department

The department of computer science was established in 1994 with a B.Sc. program to prepare a highly competent creative workforce in the field of computer science. The department, since its inception, has made significant progress. To develop competent professionals in the field of computer science with high moral and ethical values,

Department Goals :

1- To provide efficient academic programs in the field of computer science, in it's both theoretical and practical aspects which satisfy the academic quality standards and meet the needs of the local market.

2- To apply knowledge and skills acquired to solve real world problems

3- To Prepare and Qualify students for the raised needs for computer science professionals in the public and private market by using different teaching and training methods.

4- To catalyze and develop scientific research in the filed of computer science in general, and artificial intelligence and robotics, software engineering and networking in particular.

5- To provide a motivating environment for faculty members to develop their knowledge and skills in both teaching and research.

6- To develop and preserve a partnership with governmental and private sectors and with the community.


Admission requirements:

Accepted in the department of public high school graduates scientific section at a rate of at least 65%, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research blindness.

Department programs:

   1-Computer science Program     2- Software Engineering Program   3- Computer Network Program 

      4- Mobile Computing Program

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