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Computer science Program

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About program


     To become one of the leading and distinguished programs regionally and internationally

Program Vision



To become one of the leading and distinguished programs regionally and internationally.

Program Mission


To develop computing proficiency and skills in our graduates to solve the challenging real world problems and fulfill the emerging global market needs for highly educated professionals capable of researching, working in ethical, teamwork, adaptive to change and competitive environments .


Program Identification and General Information

Program title: Computer Science Program

Number of years needed for completion of the program: 4 Years- Credit Hours system

Total credit hours needed for completion of the program: 136 Credit Hours

Award granted on completion of the programBSc. in Computer Science

:Program Goals

 The program aims to:

1- Provide students with a core body of knowledge in computer science build on the core and expose students to emerging technologies and trends in computing.

2- A simulate students with new information, solve new problems, appreciate the need for professional development, lifelong learning and adapt to different work environments and rapid technological changes.

3- Prepare students for successful careers in computing and information technology globally.

4- Integrates students into the world of practicing professionals for collaborations, communications skills, and adhering to