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Mobile Computing Program

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 December 2015 10:47

About program

The program of Mobile Computing at the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology was emerged in 2014 to fulfill the growing market needs for Mobile computing technology. The program offers a bachelor degree in computer science specified for mobile computing based on a modern four-year curriculum that the first two years provides a solid foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of the areas of computer science and the last two year provides a solid foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of the areas of mobile computing. The bachelor degree is awarded after successful completion of 136 credit hours. The program has a number of highly-qualified faculty members specialized in a broad range of areas in the field of computer science and mobile computing.

Mobile computing is now one of the leading trends in technology that is influencing the use of mobile devices and the investment in corporate spending. This program will furnish students with a strong grounding in the technological aspects of specially designed modules such as system and application software paradigm and development, networking, and cloud and mobile applications development . Graduates from this program will be able to apply their computing knowledge and technical understanding to move an organization into the mobile computing arena. The program emphasis on teaching students programming skills to become proficient in developing mobile applications as well as developing the required skills to maintain and update existing mobile applications.

Program Vision

To become one of the pioneering programs in the field of technology and distinctive regionally.


Program Mission

To develop computing proficiency and skills in our graduates to solve the challenging real world problems and fulfill the emerging global market needs for highly educated professionals capable of researching, working in ethical, teamwork, adaptive to change and competitive environments.


Program Identification and General Information

Program title: Mobile Computing

Number of years needed for completion of the program: 4 Years- Credit Hours system

Total credit hours needed for completion of the program: 136 Credit Hours

Award granted on completion of the programBSc. in Computer Science - specialization of Mobile Computing

:Program Goals

Mobile Computing Program aims to:

1-  Explain the evolution of mobile computing, and summarize the social and economic influences of mobile computing.

2-  Explore guidelines and techniques associated with mobile application design, development, and deployment.

3-  Analyze, design, develop, write, test and deploy mobile applications into the target platform environment. And assess the benefits of designing and developing mobile application software to promote mobile computing for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.

4-  Demonstrate critical thinking skills and the ability to solve problems in the field of computer science, advanced mobile computing and development techniques.