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Bachelor of IT

Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 January 2016 10:25

About program

A program of Information Technology was established in 2011/2012 within the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, University of Science and Technology,in order to supplement the local and regional community with well-educated and competent students by providing them with the knowledge of theoretical and practical in various areas of information technology, particularly in information technology management, programming, database, web application development, and software engineering in according to international standards and training them on the latest information technologies that meets the requirements of the local and external labor market

Program Vision


To become a leading information Tecnology department locally and regionally distinct in the field of various information systems.



Program Identification and General Information

Program title: Bachelor of IT

Number of years needed for completion of the program: 4 Years- Credit Hours system

Total credit hours needed for completion of the program: 136 Credit Hours

The language of instruction:English Or Arabic

Award granted on completion of the program Bachelor of  IT

:Program Goals

The program aims to graduate students with the following capabilities


    • Practiced effectively as IT as effective professionals by leading, designing, developing and/or maintaining projects in various IT areas



    • Pursued advanced degrees, demonstrate their ability to master advanced areas of studies, and conducted research in the IT field



  • Been ethically and socially responsible effectively in the issues that arise in their work, deal with them professionally, and communicated with their peers, as members of multidisciplinary teams or as leaders


Demonstrated their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment by having learned and applied new skills and new technologies, and engaged in lifelong learning and professional development