Programme Synopsis

The objectives of the Master of Information Technology are to:

 Strengthen your managerial skills and competencies in computerized technical know-how

  • Improve your managerial capability in handling information management in business organizations
  • Enhance your analytical skills and problem-solving capability in handling current issues in computer management
  • Enhance your role as IT manager in the K-economy

Information technology and communication (ICT) play an important role in shaping our daily lives, both at work and at home. The role of information, communication and technology will be further enhanced in the information generation era as the business frontiers extend beyond any expected horizon.


The Master of Information Technology offers you an opportunity to enhance your managerial and technical competences in the challenging field of information technology and become the future knowledge workers in the knowledge economic era.

Program offered at UST YEMEN


Period of study

Minimum 2 years or Maximum

Specialization area :


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