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Consultation & Development Center

Consultation and Development Center (CDC)



About CDC:

The Consultation and Development Center (CDC) at the University of Science and Technology (UST), Yemen is a pioneering center in the field of training and consultation services in Yemen. CDC was founded under the resolution of UST Board of Directors No. (16), 1996, and was licensed by the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training to operate under the resolution No.(71), dated: 27/8/2002. It has branches in the largest governorates of Yemen such as (Aden – Taiz – Ibb – Hodeida – Mukalla  - Sayoon – Dhala – Al-Baidha – Amran). Since it was established, CDC is implementing its mission by providing training courses and consultation services and studies for several organizations and individuals. It, however, achieves part of mission and objectives of the university in the field of community service, individuals and institutions.

Training programs of previous years:

First: vocational training diplomas:


No. of trainees

No. of groups



Basic TV Skills






Financial Management












Human Resources Management






Executive Secretarial and management of modern desktops






Marketing Management






Public Relations






CDC Training Courses in 2012:


No. of trainees


Foundations of problem analysis and writing technical reports



Accounting for non-accountants



Ethics and principles of profession



Skills of registration and good reception



Skills of registration and good reception



Analysis and determination of training requirements



Analysis and determination of training requirements



Development of diplomas (workshops)


12/5/2012 م

Professionalism and development of administrative performance for the managers of offices of the top leaders



Strategic management training



Diploma of human resources expert



Institutional culture



Effective supervision and simplification of procedures



Strategic planning



Advanced skills for human resources



Stress management



Strategic planning by using balanced scorecard (three groups).



Challenges of contemporary secretarial



Professional success (training lecture)


13 / 8/  2012م

Skills of financial analysis by using computer


29/9 – 2/10/2012

Modern trends in the internal auditing in accordance with international standards


6 – 9/10/2012م

Modern methods in cost accounting for facing contemporary challenges


6 – 9/10/2012م

Modern trends in the internal auditing in accordance with international standards


18-21 / 11/2012 م

Etiquettes  of ceremonies and protocols


10 – 12/12 /2012م

Etiquettes  of ceremonies and protocols


11 – 12/12 /2012م

Modern trends in procurement management and  tendering


8 – 10/12 /2012م

Advanced trends in warehouse management


15 – 17/12 /2012م

Distinctive service and high care of customers/public ( two groups)


17 – 19/12 /2012م

Total quality management


22 – 24/12/2012م

Culture of achievement


31/12/2012 –2/ 1/2013م

CDC Consultations and Studies:

CDC focuses on providing various consultations and studies in order to develop the institutional work in all sectors, focusing on quality and efficiency and improvement of production, making these sectors able to compete in an open global market.  CDC provides its services in the field of strategic planning, development of institutional and administrative performance, human resources, building and development of organizational structures, and feasibility studies. It is also characterized by using SPSS for statistical analysis for researchers and others. CDC depends on excellent experts and professional consultants from Yemen, Turkey, Malaysia, Jordan, Egypt, and from other countries, abiding to achieve the highest levels of quality and customers’ satisfaction. 

Contact Us

Sana'a, 60th Street, USTY main campus, Tel: +967 01 530681(6157)

Fax:530681, http://www.ust.edu/ustj/cdc; Email: cdc@ust.edu

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Teaching & Learning Center

Teaching and Learning Center(TLC)


 Abou TLC:

Teaching and  Learning Center was founded in 2007.  It aims at  developing  the skills of the academic staff and their assistants in the field of learning and teaching as well as enhancing the learning skills of students.


To be the pioneers in improving university teaching and learning in the Arab world.


TLC  Mission:

The TLC seeks to develop university teaching by focusing on the competencies of the academic staff and their assistants in the fields of learning and teaching. It also attempts to activate  students’ role in the process of  learning through offering a number of training programs , consultation services and implementing educational research and developmental studies in the field of university learning and teaching.

TLC  goals:

  • Developing teaching competencies of the academic staff and their assistants.
  • Encouraging the academic staff and their assistants to do research in their areas of speciality.
  • Contributing to enhancing  professional  development in the fields of teaching and learning through conducting educational studies.
  • Developing academic leader’s skills to support the teaching and learning processes.
  • Developing university  students’ communication and learning skills.

The Center’s Units:

1.Academic staff and their assistants’ development unit.

2.Information unit.

3.Students’ learning development unit.

1.The Academic Staff and their Assistants’ Development:

Aim  of the Unit:

This unit is meant to develop the abilities of the academic staff and their assistants to enhance the processes of learning and teaching through training courses, group discussions and consultations. It also offers related resources and supervises the implementation of educational research in cooperation with different faculties.   

Services of the Unit:

 The unit offers the following services :

The unit provides a professional Development Program for the academic staff and their assistants in higher education institutions.

It is a program offered by the TLC at the University of Science and Technology for training the academic staff and their assistants in the field of University education to equip teachers with basic competencies of university instructors that contributes effectively to enhancing  students’ learning skills.

This program was officially accredited by the ministry of Higher Education on March 4th ,2009.

2.Training courses:The TLC offers a number of training courses as well as workshops in learning and teaching competencies such as:

  • Educational evaluation
  • E-learning
  • Scientific research and community activities
  • Instructional technology
  • Developing academic leaders’ skills
  1. 3.Consultation:

Consultations deal with issues and challenges that  face the academic staff and their assistants with regard to teaching and learning.

4.Educational Research:

The TLC directs colleges and academic programs to conduct diagnostic  researches in the fields of learning and teaching that contributes to the improvement of the educational process.

The Information Unit:

It offers all pertinent  information, archieving them in such a way that makes them easily accessible. And it also develops an information system that tackles all the center’s activities. It also offers all learning resources available, electronic or otherwise.

Services of the information unit:

1)The center’s site:

TLC seeks to ease communication and present all activities and services offered by the center. The website also offers all areas of training, consulting and information resources that fulfill the needs of the academic staff, their assistants and the students .

2)The TLC Library:

The center includes a library that consists of  a number of books in the fields of teaching and learning in addition to studies and conference papers

Student’s Learning Development Unit

This unit enhances the crucial skills needed by university students such as study and life skills.



Professional Development Program for Teaching Staff and their Assistants in Higher Education Institutions.




Program Description:


It is a program offered by the Teaching and Learning Center at the University of Science and Technology. It aims at equipping participants with the basic competencies for university teachers to enhance students’ learning skills.



Program Goals:


The program aims at:

1.making professional progress in the fields of teaching and learning through equipping participants with the recent instructional technology, teaching and assessment methods;

2.Promoting their personal skills in the area of students’ learning (theoretically & practically) by training them onskills of assessment, critical analysis relating that to authentic situations;

3.Meeting quality standards specified by the Ministry of Higher Education in Yemen.



Characteristics of the Program:


  • Focusing on improving teaching practice through authentic assignments.
  • Employing self and peer learning and group work ( Theoretical part represents only 20 - 30% of  the courses‎’‎ total hours)
  • Flexible system for awarding certificates ( a certificate for each course and the program). The participant can finish the diploma in one and a half years or three years according to his teaching load and study preferences.
  • Creating interaction among university teaching staff to exchanges experience and learn from each other.
  • Employing flexible methods in teaching , learning, and assessment designed for improving teaching practice.



Program Specifications:


Program Title: Professional Development Program of Teaching Staff and their assistants in Higher Education Institutions.



Awarded Certificate : Postgraduate Diploma.


Program Type: Single (one major)


Prepared by: Teaching & Learning Center – University of Science and Technology.


External Validation: Ministry of Higher Education – Yemen.


Credit Hours: 18


Period of Study: 18 months (3 semesters)


Targeted Group:


  • University Teaching Staff (PhD & MA holders) and their assistants.
  • University Teaching Staff and their assistants of other academic institutions.



Program Courses:


1.     Course design & evaluation


2.     Effective Teaching methods in higher education


3.     Learning psychology in higher education


4.     Measurement & evaluation in higher education


5.     Instructional technology


6.     Educational research methodology

Brochure of the Center 


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Computer Center for Training and Systems


Computer Center for Training and Systems(CCTS)





To develop the services of the university in the field of computer sciences and training to achieve high distinction at the local and regional level.



CCSTS strives to provide excellent services in the computer sciences to satisfy the staff, faculty members, faculties and customers. It also strives to support the decision making through developing the quality of outputs and material and software infrastructure, providing training and consulting services that meet the needs of labor market at the local, regional and international level.


  • Automate all procedures and processes and achieve one information source through developing one integrated system and the most advanced information technology system.
  • Endeavor  to adopt and fix  all the systems and applications by overcoming the frequent problems and provide dramatic solutions until ERP is developed.
  • Complete the university infrastructure in the information technology and modern technological developments.
  • Develop the local network and solve its problems  for further extensions to be developed from time to time.
  • Protect the local network from hackers or scammers and from viruses for its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Provide technical support for the network and systems and computers at the university.
  • Develop, update and maintain the website of the university.
  • Produce highly qualified staff in the field of information technology through training and qualifications activities and programs.
  • Provide conducive environment for field training and students' graduation projects and scholars and technicians.
  • Provide excellent services to the community through training and consultations in all computer and IT disciplines.
  • To be a house for experience, technology, research for all academicians and technicians.


CCTS provides programs that are internationally certified. These programs are as it follows:

  • International Computer Driving License(ICDL).
  • Sisco Academy for network
  • Various training courses and consultations in computer and IT.
  • International certified center for examinations.

Services and activities:

  • Training and consultations in all computer and IT disciplines thrugh competent professionals, experts and technicians.
  • excellent services to the community through training and consultations in all computer and
  • Qualify and train students of the university.
  • Organize training and qualification courses and programs for individuals and organizations.
  • Develop local networks and provide solution.


  • Major network connected with the minor sites in the main campus through ….
  • Internal network in all the buildings f the university.
  • Switches..
  • Routers.
  • Extended network which connect UST branches with the network of main campus.

Data devices:

  • Servers and applications for US programs such as registration and admission program and salaries, libraries, accounting systems.
  • Servers for storage and mailings and LMS and other systems.

University systems and applications:

  • Admission and registration systems.
  • E-learning system.
  • Libraries system.
  • Accounting system.
  • HR system.
  • Open education system.
  • Website system. Some other web applications under construction.
  • CCTS is planning to apply ERP by Malaysian company which will support most of UST systems and connect them with the  branches.

Contact Us:

60th Street, Sana'a, Near Mathbah intersection

Tel:+967 01 387484; Email: ccts@ust.edu">ccts@ust.edu





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GIS Center

GIS Center for Training & Research


About GIS Center:

Geographic Information Systems Center (GIS) for Training and Research at the University of Science and Technology, Yemen was founded as the innovative center in Yemen and the region associated with GIS and academic and community services in this vital area in the management and decision-making, planning and all other aspects of life.


To be an innovative academic specialized center dedicated to providing training and consulting services in the field of Geographic Information Systems in Yemen and Arab region as well as east Africa. It strives to provide various services to individuals and organizations and private sectors through professional trainers and courses, programs, symposiums tailored to the customers and certified certificates.


GIS strives to develop and apply Geographic Information Systems in the community to achieve the Yemeni community development through providing advanced applications in GIS in addition to training and consulting services and technical support in Yemen, Arab world and east Africa.


1.Provide training courses and workshops in the field of Geographic Information Systems for universities, public and private sectors, international organizations and students.

2.Conduct researches and studies in the field of Geographic Information Systems.

3.Provide excellent GIS education through teaching higher diploma and master in collaboration with the international universities and organizations.

4.Provide technical and consulting services and conduct studies for public and private sectors.

5.Develop systems of decision support and admin planning in the community and public and private sectors through GIS training and consulting services.

GIS Services and Activities:

1.Consultations and technical support:

  • provide consulting services and technical support outside the university for public and private sectors and organizations
  • 2.Training:
  • GIS provides training courses in all GIS areas through ESRI and professional and certified trainers in the labs and training centers of the university where the best equipment and devices are provided


GIS Training courses

ESRI Training courses


Introduction to ArcGIS I & 2


Building Geodatabase I & 2


Working with ArcGIS Spatial  Analyst


Working with ArcGIS 3D  Analyst


Introduction to Arc Objects using VBA


Introduction to ArcGIS Server


Advanced Analysis with ArcGIS


Geodatabase Design Concepts


Cartography with ArcGIS


Introduction to ArcIMS


ArcIMS Administration


Introduction to ArcSDE


Introduction to the Multiuser Geodatabase


ArcSDE Administration for Oracle


ArcSDE Administration for SQL Server


Developing Stand Alone GIS Applications


ArcPad Mobile GIS


Research and studies:

GIS center conducts researches and studies in this field and implement projects that enhance the development and planning as well as decision making in Yemen and the region in addition to supervision of postgraduate dissertations.


GIS implements projects for the public and private sectors and international organizations operating in Yemen.

Database and Digital Maps:

GIS also provides the needs of projects and studies with the necessary data and digital maps for the information systems such as satellite images, maps and digital data and maps.

Seminars, workshops and Conferences:.

- Organize seminars, workshops and regional and international conferences associated with the geographic information applications and systems through experts and consultants in this field.

-  Provide higher Diploma and Master of Geographic Information Systems in partnership with international universities.

- Provide internationally recognized certificates in this area from international universities (Europe and America).

Contact US:


Sana'a, 60th Street, USTY Faculty Engineering Building

Tel: 967 01 387646 (5121); http://www.ust.edu/ustj/gis; Email: gis@ust.edu

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Talent Development Center


Talent Development Center (TDC),Yemen


About TDC

Talent Development Center(TDC) at the University of Science and Technology(UST), Yemen plays an effective role in the care of talented and outstanding people in the Republic of Yemen. TDC aims to be a house of expertise in the field of talent development through taking care and developing the capacities of the talented, preparing and implementing distinct educational programs, in addition to the study of talent and scientific excellence through publishing several research studies and scientific relevant journals, raising the awareness among parents, teachers, and the community in general about the importance of taking care such innovative and talented group of people. TDC also provides consulting services to the relevant individuals and  organizations interested in the talent development.    


  • Innovation Award and Scientific Excellence:

TDC organizes annually innovation award and scientific excellence for the innovators of school students through presenting their innovations to a competent jury to honor the winners of the first three places.

  • Scientific Symposium for Talent Development:

TDC organizes a scientific annual symposium for taking care of the talented in the Republic of Yemen. This annual symposium discusses and the issues and topics that contribute to the talent development and present new ideas and visions to face challenges that hinder the talent development in Yemen.

  • Talent Development Program in the schools.

TDC implements talent development programs for several school grades, commencing with the detection of the talented students and determining their needs and preferences through taking care and developing their talents.  The program includes the rehabilitation of the educational cadre such as teachers and supervisors and train them to develop fruitful and rich activities and enable them to identify the characteristics of the talented by supporting and instructing  them. The program also does not ignore the role of the family and guardian in the care and development of talents.

  • Quality of School Education:

TDC helps educational institutions raise the  performance level and make continuous improvement in their performance to achieve their visions and strategic objectives through evaluating the performance of the school in accordance with the practical steps and standards of quality and accreditation. TDC conducts information and data collection on the school performance in its current situation and compares it with the quality standards.  

  • Evaluation of Career Level in the Institutions and Companies:

TDC provides within its activities the services to the institutions and companies and helps them in selecting new personnel, transferring personnel and forming work teams. The criteria and tests used by TDC are one of the criteria used in the promotion and evaluation of personnel.  

  • Arab Journal for Talent Development:

TDC publishes the Arab journal for talent development which represents a pathway for developing the environment of talent and scientific excellence through presenting new visions and ideas at the regional and international level. The Arab journal for talent development is deemed the first Arab journal that deals with the scientific researches relating to thinking, talent and innovation.

  • Prioritizing the Scientific Research Areas for Talents and Excellence:

TDC implements workshops to prioritize the scientific research areas for talents and excellence carried out by researchers and specialists in the relevant field. It then suggests the areas of scientific research for talents and excellence and distributes them to the relevant Yemeni universities and colleges to benefit the postgraduate students.

  • Database Development for Talents and Excellence:

TDC strives to collect the scientific research and studies related to the care of the talented and develop a database for that, making it a rich source or reference for the researchers and specialists interested in this field.

  • Participation in Seminars and Conferences:  

TDC participates annually in seminars and conferences related to the care and development of the talented. Through such participations, TDC strives to enrich the Arab region and the world with researches and studies in the field of talents and excellence and furnish the relevant organizations and bodies with the important information about the environment of talents and excellence and the ways of their development in Yemen.

  • Providing Sources and References for the Researchers in Talents and Thinking

TDC provides a specialized library in the field of talent and thinking and gives the opportunity for all relevant researchers to benefit from this library for free.

  • Providing Research and Consulting Services for Researchers and Inventors:

 TDC provides its research and consulting services related to talents and excellence for the researchers and facilitate their research procedures. It also provides consultations for the inventors and innovators and possible potentials for their innovations.  

Contact Information:

Sana'a, 60th Street, USTY main campus, Medical Faculty Building, Fourth Floor Tel: +967 01 373237 (2127)

 P.O.B: 13064, Sanaa, Yemen. http://www.ust.edu/ustj/tdc ; Email: tdc@ust.edu 




Biomedical Equipment Calibration and Consultation  Center(BECCC)


About Us:

BECCC at the University of Science and Technology is the only center in Yemen associated with the Calibration of medical equipment in the hospitals and health sectors to ensure efficiency and high accuracy in addition to increase the life span of the medical devices


What is Calibration?

Medical device Calibration is a process of a regular  maintenance  for the devices ensure that the device is operating properly and efficiently and will not cause any damage to the health and life of the patients according to the international medical calibration standards.


What is the benefit from calibration process?

Initially, keep in mind that the device you have bought has cost you a lot of money and the doctor is largely depending on the diagnosis and treatment of the patient, so it requires regular maintenance, especially medical devices operating in the surgery rooms and intensive care and emergency.

Calibration for your medical device will ensure the following:

  • Device performance with high efficiency and accuracy.
  • Increase the life of the device, which saves money to the hospital.
  • Decrease the crashes and damages and stops of the devices and saves time of the hospitals
  • Provide medical staff with satisfaction and comfort due to the efficient performance and lack of malfunctions.
  • Avoid the common errors which in most cases cause death of the patients and hold the hospital the compensation of such errors.
  • Increase the reputation of the hospital and attract a lot of contractual companies with the hospital.
  • Calibration of medical devices is the first step to obtain the ISO certification (JCI).

When do I need calibration for my medical devices?

Medical devices need to calibrate based on the working or operational hours of the device and recommendation of the manufacturer, however, some devices need to calibrate once or twice a year.


Is calibration cost high?

All of these features and the contribution of the center to provide service to the Yemeni society are non- profitable, the calibration cost does not reach in most cases 1% of the price of the device to be calibrated. The discounts to many devices to be calibrated may be available.

BECCC staff is trained and experienced in all international calibration standards such as:

IEC606.1, EN60601.1, EN60601.2.4, EN61010, VDE0751, MDADB9801, HE 95, ANSI/AAMI

Is BECCC certified?

All BECCC devices are certified and holds test certificates and recognized by US Equipmen Fluke Global Company. Also all devices hold CE certificate

What BECCC award after calibration process?.

BECCC awards a certificate to the hospital that the device has been calibrated based on the international specifications and determine the date and time of next calibration. BECCC also reports the results to the hospital and provides it with the measurements taken at different conditions for the examination.

What are the devices that can be calibrated by the BECCC?

BECCC calibrates all the medical devices (see the following list of devices) in surgery rooms and intensive care and emergency due to its importance and seriousness to the patient's life.

  • International Safety Analyzer
  • Defibrillator/Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer
  • Electrosurgical Analyzer
  • Universal Pressure Meter
  • Infusion Device Analyzer
  • Temperature Humidity Meter
  • Patient Simulator
  • Parameter Tester
  • Incubator Analyzer
  • Gas Flow Analyzer
  • Pulse Oximeter Simulator
  • Phototherapy Radiometer
  • External Pacemaker Analyzer

Additional services:

  • Training for and maintenance engineers in specialized hospitals
  • Consulting services for hospitals and organizations on medical devices and equipment.

Contact us:



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Renewable Energy & Electronic Design Center



Renewable Energy and Electronic Design Center(REEDC)



Renewable Energy and Electronic Design Center(REEDC) is he first center associated with the renewable and solar energy in Yemen. It was founded in 1996 as the first center in the solar energy field in Yemen. it was established by highly qualified experts and professionals. Very much later.  Training center and electronic design was founded o train engineering professionals in the field of electronic design fields and other technical engineering fields. In 2012, the two centers were merged to be one center under the name " Renewable Energy and Electronic Design Center" to achieve integration between the two centers.

REEDC operates on providing community service a the local and regional level through developing and applying renewable energy technology and electronic designs and conduct and support the applied researches, train and qualify competent professionals in this field.

The center also operates on the design, implementation and maintenance of power generation systems from renewable energy sources, in addition to the design and implementation of applied electronic and laboratory systems.




To enhance and disseminate the knowledge by providing training  and innovation in the fields of renewable energy and electronic designs, develop graduate researches and create industrial platform at the local and regional level.


REEDC strives to produce and provide electric power from clear and renewable sources instead of the traditional energy which cost a lot of money and pollute environment through training  and producing qualified staff o design, install and maintain these systems for renewable energy. REEDC also seeks to design and maintain different electronic circuits and furnish various electronic laboratories and  train and qualify professionals in the field of electronic design and maintenance.


  • Raise scientific and practical awareness of the importance of renewable energy as an alternative energy source in the Republic of Yemen.
  • Conduct research and encourage researchers in renewable energy science and its applications and electronic designs.
  • Design and implement integrated renewable energy systems.
  • Design various electronic circuits and processing of electronic circuits and devices and then manufacturing, according to available resources.
  • Participate in specialized seminars and conferences in the field of renewable energy and electronic designs.
  • Create infrastructure to transfer and develop renewable energy technology industry and electronic design in Yemen.
  • Train professionals in the field of renewable energy and electronic design.
  • Support and encourage the implementation of projects and distinct inventions.
  • Raise graduation projects and make them responsive to the needs of the market.

REEDC Services:

  • Provide scientific and academic researches for scholars in the field of undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Provide studies and consultations in the field of renewable energy and electronic designs for the individuals and organizations.
  • Design and apply renewable energy systems, communication systems to support and nourish the various loads of commercial and domestic sectors and implement water pumping systems.
  • Organize training courses, seminars and workshops.
  • Organize advanced specialized engineering courses in the field of renewable energy and electronic designs and various engineering and technical fields.
  • Maintain and design different applied and laboratory electronic systems and circuits.
  • Participate in local, regional and international exhibitions and conferences.
  •  Disseminate scientific researches in several areas and scientific conferences.

REEDC Activities:

  • Research activities.
  • Training activities.
  • Educational activities.
  • Scientific seminars, symposia and workshops.
  •  Design and installation of renewable energy systems.
  • Consolations for individuals and organizations.

:Contact Us


Sana'a, 60th Street, USTY Faculty of Engineering Building

Tel: 967 01 373237 (5213) ; Email: sec@ust.edu


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Water & Environment Center

Wednesday, 04 February 2015 13:57

Engineering Consultancy & Research Center

Engineering Consultancy and Research Center(ECRC)



To nurture the culture of engineering consultative work and be the innovative center in providing engineering and training services with high quality at the local and regional level.


ECRC strives to provide distinct training and consulting services in the field of engineering and contribute to the community development through long-term academic and engineering experiences in the university and outside of the university in all the engineering sciences.


1.Provide consulting services and all the engineering disciplines.

2.Provide lab tests using the modern scientific approaches.

3.Provide training and qualification services in the engineering services.

4.Connect the university with the community and labor market>

5.Benefit from the academic and scientific experiences in the university.

6.Contribute to the community service through training courses, seminars, symposia to raise the community awareness.

ECRC Activities:

  1. 1.Consulting services:  
  • Provide technical and engineering consultations for the engineering projects.
  • Plan and design engineering projects and prepare executive designs.
  • Engineering supervision on the engineering projects during implementation and involve in the initial and final submission.
  • Organize training courses in the engineering specialized programs.
  • Prepare bidding documents and terms and technical specifications for the engineering projects.
  • Design he network systems in the buildings ( electrical – networking –internet – surveillance cameras ..)
  • Design and oversee the internal decorations in the old and modern buildings.

  1. 2.Lab and practical tests services:
  • Conduct lab and field experiments for construction materials ( steel – cement – stones – asphalt – debris – sand ..)
  • Conduct soil tests and reporting the results.
  • Examine and maintain the concrete facilities.

      3- Training and Qualification services:

  • 1. Manage engineering projects using Primavera programs.
  • Use BIM technique in designing and analyzing concrete constructions.
  • Oversee the project implementation and prepare engineering reports.
  • Survey and use the survey equipment such as Total Station.
  • Programs of designing internal decorations (3D Studio Max – Autocad Architectur 3D – Photoshop).
  • Programs of CSI company to analyz and design construction(Etabs – Sap2000 – safe – CSI Column).
  • Seismic design of concrete facilities.
  • Drawing skills and constructional output.
  • Test, maintain,  and repair facilities.
  • Design constructional models.
  • Document constructional designs.
  • Security and safety requirements in buildings.
  • In addition to the following engineering programs:AutoCAD 2D – Civil 3D – Staad pro.
  1. 4.Community services:
  • Organize training courses and seminars as a contribution to the community awareness.

Center Potentials:

  1. 1.Material testing lab.
  • landing test to determine the strength of concrete.
  • Pressure-resistant concrete after 28 days (cubes and cylinders).
  • Take concrete molds and test samples after casting.
  • Iron tensile test.
  • Sieving analysis for the rubbles/ruins.  
  • Determine the qualitative weight of the rubble.
  • Determine the absorption rate of the rubble.

  1. 2.Soil testing laboratory
  • Test of moisture content.
  • test of the qualitative weight.
  • Test of sieving analysis.
  • test of soil compressibility.
  • direct cut test.
  1. 3.Roads and asphalt materials testing laboratory
  2. 4.Survey lab
  3. 5.Computer lab.

Contact Us

Sana'a, 60th Street, USTY Faculty of Engineering Building

Tel: 967 01 387646 (5121); http://www.ust.edu/ustj/ecrc; Email: weu@ust.edu">weu@ust.edu


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Media Training,Production,and Consulting Center

Media Center of Production, Training, and Consultations




To become the leading Media Center regionally and distinctive internationally


The center strives to provide distinctive services in the field of training, media production, and consultations, through specialized efficient staff and using the trendiest methods and techniques with a professional approach and high quality.


  • 1.To provide distinctive training media services for individuals and organizations.
  • 2.To produce various TV programs.
  • 3.To provide consultations in various areas of media profession.
  • 4.To implement conferences, symposiums, and seminars on various issues of media and communications.
  • 5.To highlight the scientific and creative potentials and successes of the university.


Scope of Work

The center strives to provide the following:

  • TV production for various movies, reportages, and various programs, as well as media coverage.
  • Training courses in various fields of media profession and specialized diplomas in the areas of media (TV skills, broadcasting skills, press skills, and to build rapport skills).
  • Media consultations for different institutions.
  • Training courses in TV camera skills, professional production skills, TV presentation, producing intensive debate programs, TV technology, and in the post-production operations


  • Studio with large dimensions (12m x 12m).
  • Integral lighting
  • Professional cameras
  • Graphics unit
  • Production unit
  • Audio/Video unit
  • Specialized efficient staff

Location features of the center

  • It is located on the peak center of the capital city Sana’a in 60th St.

About UST

The mission of the university is to provide distinct education services and enhance the knowledge and skills of the students, contribute to community development by providing training, advisory, and research services, and lifelong learning programs through competent administrative and academic staff.


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