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President's Message

UST President's Message
Dear friends,
It is a great pleasure and pride for me to be a staff in this esteemed institution.  It was by Allah’s grace that I joined the University of Science and Technology, as an assistant lecturer and much later to become its new President, taking covenant before Allah to lead it towards excellence by strong determination, dedication, and sincerity. I pray that all staff be with me in this endeavor.  
Through the University's website, we hope you may know more about the University of Science of Technology, with all its branches and various faculties. In fact, it is our window to you to facilitate your access to us and find out what you wish to know about our University. Our University's website is in continuous development, inshaAllah, to meet your needs.
The main objective of this university is not only limited to the teaching and research. It hopes to inculcate moral and ethical values in its students, make them creative and critical thinkers, as well as making them effective communicators. We hope to be the bridge that links our students with the greater needs of the society. To that end, the University puts all its scientific, administrative, and financial potentials at the service of its students.
I wish to take this opportunity to express my thanks and sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed to the construction and development of this site.
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