Details about the Entry Requirements of the International Students

Applications and Admissions

General Entry Requirements of International Students:

All are eligible to apply to University of Science & Technology, Yemen (USTY) if they possess the following qualifications:

  • Completion of Secondary school education as evidenced by the Thanawiah Certificate
  • Matriculations Certificate from institutions recognized by USTY
  • Diplomas from institutions recognized by USTY

 In addition all applicants need to submit to USTY, the following items:

v  USTY registration form with complete supporting documents.

v  Certified secondary school degree and (original certificate + one true copy + transcript) or equivalent.

v  Ten passport-size photos ( white background).

v  Copy of ID or passport.

In case the documents of the applicant are issued from outside Yemen, they should be certified by the following:

v  Home ministry of education

v  Home ministry of foreign affairs.

v  Embassy of Yemen in home country of the applicant.

v  Ministry of foreign affairs in Sana’a.

v  Copy of the first eight pages of the passport (for non-Yemeni students) and valid passport and residence for one year at least in Yemen.

v  In case the documents of the applicant are issued by non-Arab country, the applicant should  translate the documents after being certified and certify them by the ministry of Education in Yemen.

The minimum results for Secondary School Examination required for application to specific faculties are as follows:

  • Medicine & Health Sciences                    75%
  • Pharmacy                                               75%
  • Dentistry                                                 75%
  • Engineering                                             70%
  • IT and Computing Science                    70%
  • Administrative Science                           65%
  • Humanities & Social Science                 65%
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