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UST Organized A Ceremony For The 2nd Graphic Exhibition And Honored Student Sundus Al-Sinaydar

Sunday, 12/11/2017, the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology organized a ceremony for honoring student Sundus Al-Sinaydar, who won the first place in the Arab World at the Arab Packaging Competition which was held in Beirut, Lebanon, on May 17th, 2017. The competition is organized annually by the United Nations Development Program and the Lebanese Packaging Center.  Other students from UST were also honored for their participation in the competition. 

During the ceremony, the dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology Dr. Abdulqader Al-Abbadi and the secretary general of the university Mr. Faisal Hazza delivered speeches in which they expressed  their deep congratulations in their to Ms. Sundus  for such winning and achievement, considering such achievement as an evidence of the quality  of the university outcomes.

Al-Abbadi and Hazza also stressed all support and facilities of the university that will highlight and enhance the talents, innovations and abilities of the university’s students and encourage them to participate in the regional and international competitions, urging all students to engage in various activities and events inside and outside the university. At the closing ceremony,  the dean Al-abbadi and the secretary general Hazza  along with the Deanship of Girls' Branch and the heads of departments at the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology launched the 2nd  exhibition of graphics (SHADOW) and toured the pavilions of the exhibition which included many designs and art works t of students of the Graphic Department at the university.






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