UST Launched the 1st Conference of Readers

Monday, 04/02/2019: UST launched the 1st three-day conference for readers which was organized by Iqraa club in cooperation with the department of student affairs at the main campus of the university in Sana'a and at the participation of 500 readers and presence of leaders and officials of the ministry of higher education and ministry of culture and a number of writers, intellectuals and experts.


In his speech, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hussein Hazeb, hailed the organization of the university for such an important conference, which is the first of its kind in Yemen, which also aims at enhancing the awareness of the importance of reading among students, exchanging knowledge and experiences and sharing ideas with Intellectuals and readers, especially university youth.


 "The University of Science and Technology is always ahead and every day we have something new," he said. "The rest of the universities should do the same to contribute to the service of community. The role of universities should not be limited only to teaching but also developing and strengthening the field of science, knowledge and reading in our young people. 

The Minister of Higher Education stressed the importance of conscious and visionary reading that promotes the values ​​of unity, love, peace, dialogue, national and humanitarian constants, and avoid all that is controversial.


For his part, Vice-Rector of the University of Science and Technology, Dr. Abdulghani Hamid, stressed in his speech the importance of reading in promoting a culture of constructive dialogue between the people of society and as a means of learning about the cultures of others and diverse sciences.


He said that this conference is in line with the University of Science and Technology's mission in the role of universities in promoting the values ​​of dialogue and peace and benefiting from the experiences of others and finding solutions to the cultural challenges we face in the era of globalization. This will only be achieved through reading and research.

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It is worth mentioning that the conference continued for three days for the period from 4-6 / 2/2019, which included a range of events, papers and discussions, and presentation of experiences of some readers and interventions across Skype for writers and intellectuals from outside Yemen.

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