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Saturday, 09 February 2019 09:10

UST Launched the 1st Conference of Readers

Monday, 04/02/2019: UST launched the 1st three-day conference for readers which was organized by Iqraa club in cooperation with the department of student affairs at the main campus of the university in Sana'a and at the participation of 500 readers and presence of leaders and officials of the ministry of higher education and ministry of culture and a number of writers, intellectuals and experts.


In his speech, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hussein Hazeb, hailed the organization of the university for such an important conference, which is the first of its kind in Yemen, which also aims at enhancing the awareness of the importance of reading among students, exchanging knowledge and experiences and sharing ideas with Intellectuals and readers, especially university youth.


 "The University of Science and Technology is always ahead and every day we have something new," he said. "The rest of the universities should do the same to contribute to the service of community. The role of universities should not be limited only to teaching but also developing and strengthening the field of science, knowledge and reading in our young people. 

The Minister of Higher Education stressed the importance of conscious and visionary reading that promotes the values ​​of unity, love, peace, dialogue, national and humanitarian constants, and avoid all that is controversial.


For his part, Vice-Rector of the University of Science and Technology, Dr. Abdulghani Hamid, stressed in his speech the importance of reading in promoting a culture of constructive dialogue between the people of society and as a means of learning about the cultures of others and diverse sciences.


He said that this conference is in line with the University of Science and Technology's mission in the role of universities in promoting the values ​​of dialogue and peace and benefiting from the experiences of others and finding solutions to the cultural challenges we face in the era of globalization. This will only be achieved through reading and research.

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It is worth mentioning that the conference continued for three days for the period from 4-6 / 2/2019, which included a range of events, papers and discussions, and presentation of experiences of some readers and interventions across Skype for writers and intellectuals from outside Yemen.

Followed his visitation to the main campus of the university in Sana’a, in which he made important changes and updates at the academic and administrative levels, the UST rector Prof. Dr. Hameed Aklan visits UST branches in the governorates.  

UST Rector visited the Applied College for Science and Technology in Dhamar governorate.

Saturday, Jan 5th 2019, the UST rector Prof. Dr. Hameed Aklan together with Dr. Mahmoud Al-Rumaima, Dean of the Applied College for Science and Technology in Dhamar and Nasr Al-Ahmadi, Manager of the Department of UST branches and Mohammed Al-Aghbari, the Assistant Secretary General visited the Applied College for Science and Technology in Dhamar in which they inspected its infrastructure and labs and the learning process and mid-terms exams of the first semester. During his meeting with the students and staff at the college, Aklan delivered a speech in which he thanked the dean of the college and its staff for their efforts to the success of the college, stressing the UST intention to achieve its vision in achieving the regional leadership and international excellence. He also stressed the support of the university to the applied colleges for science and technology as (private colleges of community) which were established by UST within the projects of its second strategy to support the technical and professional education as a contribution to the community service. It is worth noting that UST has recently established several community colleges in different governorates to support the technical and professional education to meet the labor market demands.

dhamar 2


UST Rector visited Ibb and Taiz Branches as part of his visitation to the UST branches in the governorates

Sunday and Monday Jan 6th -7th, 2019, UST rector Prof. Dr. Hameed Aklan together with Al-Aghbari, Assistant Secretary-General of the University and Mr. Nasr Al-Ahmadi, Manager of the Department of Branches and Centers, visited the University's branches in Ibb and Taiz governorates as part of their visitation to a number of university branches in the governorates. In his speech, the rector Aklan hailed the efforts exerted by the leaders and staff of the two branches to provide educational services to the people of the two governorates and overcome many difficulties in such difficult and special circumstances that experiencing our beloved country, stressing the need to continue to provide educational services in the branches with quality and excellence as committed by the University of Science Technology, no matter what the challenges.



UST Rector visited Aden Branch as part of his visitation to the UST branches in the governorates

Tuesday, Jan 8th, 2019, In his visitation to the branches of the university in the governorates, UST rector Prof. Dr. Hameed Aklan along with Mohammed Al-Aghbari Assistant Secretary General and the Managerof the Department of Branches and Centers Mr. Nasr Al-Ahmadi arrived in Aden governorate as part of their visitation to the university branches in the governorate.

During his visit, rector Aklan and his accompanies visited the branch building. In his speech, Aklan said that the branch of Aden will soon become an independent university that will provide complete and distinctive educational services for the governorate of Aden and the neighboring governorates.

Aklan also hailed the strong relationships and trust that the university has gained at the internal and external levels, which has strengthened the prestige and reputation of the university and raised its rank in the international ranking.

At the end of his visit, the rector and the Assistant Secretary General, the Manager of the Department of UST branches, as well as the leaders of the branch visited the new building of the branch and inspected the progress of the branch and identified the necessary requirements technically and academically.


Based on the distinctive scientific and academic collaboration between the University of Science and Technology and Jordanian universities, the University of Science and Technology, represented by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Hameed Mohammed Aklan, signed a joint academic cooperation agreement with the Middle East Universityin Jordan.

The agreement includes the exchange of collaborative visits and exchange of experiences between the two universities in the field of faculty members, giving lectures according to disciplines and programs offered by the the universities, organizing training courses, seminars, scientific conferences and joint workshops, conducting joint scientific research and supervision for faculty members and joint supervision .

In his speech during the reception ceremony of the newly registered students at the girls' branch at the main campus of UST in Sana'a, Hussien Hazib, minister of higher education and scientific research said that the university of science and technology in Yemen is a leading national university and the top private university in Yemen. He added: " we today launch the new academic year 2018/2019 from this leading university and academic platform, we can say that this is no longer a branch of girls at UST but it becomes a fully-equipped and integrated university for girls by itself and I congratulate the girls to join such this leading academic platform". He also said: " I would not be exaggerating if I said that the University of Science and Technology is the first top and competing university at the level of Yemeni national universities". At the end of his visit, Hazib along with the vice-rector of UST Dr. Abdulghani Hameed launched the opening of the girls' gym which was rehabilitated and equipped with more modern sport equipment in order to provide conducive learning environment and atmosphere for the integrated educational process for female students.





At the Arab level contest, three students from the Department of Graphic Design and Digital Media at the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology , University of Science and Technology in Yemen have been awarded three prizes within the Arab Starpack contest-2018 which was organized by Lebanon Pack and United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO). The contest included more than 827 contestants from different Arab universities. In the visual design, student Islam Al-Qusi won the first prize, while student Amani El-Yafei won the first prize in the structural design, and student Inas Al-Matri won the second prize.

It is worth noting that the student Sundus Al-Sunaidar from the graphics department at the University had won last year the first place in the contest at the Arab level world.






Monday, 14/05/2018, UST represented by Prof. Dr. Hameed Mohammed Aklan, Rector of the university and the Superior University of Pakistan, represented by Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector of the University have both signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which regards the following areas of cooperation:   

  • Exchange of students to facilitate international mobility
  • Exchange of academic staff members, research scholars and graduate students for lecturing, advanced studies and research;
  • Cooperation on instruction, as well as scientific and technological research;
  • Mutual, teaching materials, and other technological and scientific literature;
  • Co-operation in training projects for specified areas of development, including the delivery of award and non-award courses;
  • Development of short intensive and summer study abroad programmes;
  • Implementation of articulation arrangements, involving recognition of credit for prior study;
  • Development of dual degree and joint degree programs;
  • Opportunities for the development of other forms of co-operation.

It is worth mentioning that Superior University or Superior Group of Colleges (SGC) is a chain of colleges and Universities established in 2000 in Lahore in Pakistan. It is recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan. It opened its branches in other cities of Pakistan after opening in Lahore.

Tuesday 30/40/2018, the University of Science and Technology honored the outstanding students for the academic year 2016/2017 in various disciplines and levels of study in an honoring ceremony which included a large presence of students' parents, deans of colleges, and heads of academic department.


At the ceremony, which was held in the auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and organized by the Department of Student Affairs, the Vice-Rector of the university  Dr. Abdulghani Hameed delivered a speech in which he congratulated the outstanding students and their parents on this academic excellence, calling on students to continue the progress of excellence and success in their education attainment and knowledge acquisition. 


Dr. Abdulghani Hameed also stressed that the University of Science and Technology gives special attention to  outstanding and creative and talented students  as an important part of the educational process in the country. He also said: "We at the university are proud of these outstanding students who challenged all the conditions to achieve the best outcomes in their studies, praising them and their parents and teachers and all those who contributed to the achievement of these great outcomes.


He added: "We at the University of Science and Technology are proud to be among the top 100 Arab universities in the annual international evaluation of universities. We are also take pride in the outcomes of our university, which is now competing with the outcomes of the prestigious Arab universities. There are many examples of the quality of our outcomes and many  outstanding graduates who have joined American, European and Arab universities and hospitals". 


At the patronage of the Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Al-Hariri, and the presence of Russian ambassador to Lebanon and a number of Lebanese officials and representatives of Arab and Russian universities the rector of the University of Science and Technology, Yemen Prof. Dr. Hameed Aklan participated in the 1st Russian and Arab Universities conference which was organized by the Lebanese University of Arts, Science and Technology (AUL) and the Board of Rectors of Russian Universities. During the conference, Prof. Aklan  gave a presentation on the experience of the University of Science and Technology in Yemen since its inception in 1994, the stages of development and features of excellence and the regional and international partnerships that the university established. On the sidelines of the conference, Prof. Aklan discussed with Russian universities the possibility of establishing collaborative relationships and partnerships with the University of Science and Technology.  it is noteworthy that the University of Science and Technology is an active member in the Association of Arab Universities and participates actively in the international conferences organized by the Association.



Wednesday, 21 February 2018 19:10

UST launched the Club of Fine Arts

Feb. 20th, 2018, the University of Science and Technology hosted the great Singer of Yemen Ayoub Tarish Absi within the ceremony of launching the Club of Fine Arts at the University. During the ceremony, the general secretary Mr. Faisal Hazza delivered a speech in which he welcomed Ayoub Tarish and hailed his national efforts and contributions and his great role in  the field of artistic creativity and national songs. At the end of the ceremony, the university presented its token of appreciation and shield to Ayoub Tarish in recognition of his great national  efforts, followed by honoring the winner students in the annual creativity competition organized by the Department of Student Affairs in the fields of singing, drawing, calligraphy, and writing short tales.




Tuesday, 20 February 2018 14:45

#ILC_Spelling_Bee Competition

#ILC_Spelling_Bee was a fun competition where we had three stages Stage one where we had 23 participants who made to the second stage , and 17 who survived and made it to the third stage which was the most challenging stage as we had to chose only one winner. The other four were given gifts from Yemen Book Shop for being the last participants .
It's not the end of the journey as we we will use the same words for our next surprising competition !!!

WhatsApp Image 2018 02 19 at 12.26.35 PM 1

WhatsApp Image 2018 02 19 at 12.26.35 PM

WhatsApp Image 2018 02 19 at 12.26.38 PM

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